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We are a homegrown Canadian Travel Agency business offering wedding cruises, destination weddings all inclusive packages, escorted vacations, luxury cruises, and more. Travel Solutions began with a passion. Our owner, Rob Waters, entered the travel agency business because of the innumerable ways traveling had shown him beautiful landscapes, rich food, and colorful people. His love for seeing the world has translated into a desire to show other people the joy and fulfillment there is in travelling. Now, Rob is a member of several reputable travel-related communities and organizations including: Virtuoso, Travel Professionals International, Canadian Tourism Commission, and his company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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Our travel agency services are dedicated to bringing you the best the traveling community has to offer. After over a decade of experience, we are still constantly committed to finding ways to ensure you fully enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Whether it’s a sabbatical, an opportunity for rest and recreation, a celebration of any kind, or a chance to bond and connect with the family, we have something personal and special drafted to suit you. Our services range from cruises, group travels, destination weddings, to escorted vacations. We have well-established relationships with members of the tourism and travel industry. This first-hand knowledge on the best arrangements and vacation packages for your total indulgence, is the core of our business.

The core of our business is your satisfaction. We are confident that you will find happiness and relaxation through our customer-oriented service. Whether it’s under the heat of the Caribbean, or with the company of sunny Canadians, we have an endless list of destinations for you to choose from. All you have to do is to make the right decision and hire the right team. Don’t let the unpredictable stop you from experiencing your dream vacation. With Travel Solutions, the world is at your doorstep.