Virtuoso is a network of the best travel agencies, advisors and destinations anywhere on the globe. Currently, there exists 355 agencies from over 25 countries, with a total of 9000 member advisors. Travel Solutions is one of those members. What does this mean for you? Virtuoso members have first-hand knowledge and access to partnering hotels, tour directors, all inclusive cruises, and more. When you seek the expertise of a Virtuoso member, you can rest secure knowing that you are being given the best deals and upgrades found in the traveling industry.

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Virtuoso travel advisors, including Travel Solutions, offer personalized travel planning. Depending on the type of traveler you are–the do-it-yourself kind or the type to let a trusted person make planning decisions–Virtuoso members have a range of services that you can choose from.

If you’re looking for a luxurious treat for yourself, Virtuoso members can get you access to private tours, and events, like a VIP! We can be as detailed and meticulous as you want–from planning your boarding times, outlining meal plans with partnering restaurants, to selecting your mode of transportation, Virtuoso travel agents offers you a wide selection to choose from!

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Here at Travel Solutions, our status as a Virtuoso member is both proof and assurance of our ability to provide what you need, and the quality of services that we offer. Our goal is to have you completely satisfied with your travel plans, and we will settle for no less than 110%! Scouring the internet and planning on your own will generate a lot of results and options for you, but we can guarantee better services and more economical prices. Because of our personalized process, you can trust that whatever feedback you have will be dealt with thoroughly and quickly. Travel Solutions continues to be in business because of our strong desire to see you happy and satisfied with your vacation!

Don’t allow your dream vacation to remain as it is--a dream. We invest in your happiness. Travel Solutions has everything you need, from cruises, bus tours, destination weddings, to escorted vacations. Contact us now and see the world at your doorstep!
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